We have zoomed into the critical bits of information that clarify both Charles & Melanie Long as "Directors/Officers" of Pacific Realty International Co and the payment from the Long's to David & Dawn Ige as detailed in the ethics commissions filing.

Do not be distracted with false narrative and misinformation. There are connections and transactions between the Long's and Ige's through two companies only.

It is not a legal breach but a very serious ethical conflict of interest for Ige which would lead to severe redress in any other State.

Q. Is it just happenstance that the rental property managers for David Ige's property the Long's also got the TMT contract?

Q. Did TMT select the Long's company "Private Security Co" because they were the best applicant vendor? Or did they choose them because of their relationship with David Ige?

Q. What is the rationale behind why the Ige's property rental income jumped from the bracket of $50k in 2016 filing to $100k in the 2017 filing?

Here are the links to the records:

  1. 2016 Ethics Filing: http://files.hawaii.gov/ethics/disc/2016/FinLong_10781.pdf

  2. https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_hi/214667D1

  3. 2017 Ethics Filing: http://files.hawaii.gov/ethics/disc/2017/FinLong_14838.pdf

  4. Long's winning TMT contract as detailed on Charles Longs LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-long-79266028/