At its core, Zoom is about finding answers, or trying to find out answers to crazy things happening in our world, whether it be disruptive technology, gnarly current-affairs, twisted propaganda, indigenous self-determination or just good old scandal.

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Curation Team

Zoom is curated by Kingi Gilbert, ‘intellectual property campaigner’, exotic Polynesian dancer and learner of Te Reo Māori and Ka Leo Hawai'i.

Kingi runs Ignite Studios Ltd in New Zealand and Hawaii Kingi lived in Spain, England and Hawaii but now resides in Auckland with his family.

Outside of work, Kingi is found paddling an outrigger canoe, surfing or at the piano composing music. Ko Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Rārua me Ngāti Whakaue ia. Tīhei Mauri Ora.